Twig Femosatellite: Development Kit

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While the PCB is shown, this comes fully assembled. 

Looking for the ultimate classroom project? Eyeing a high altitude balloon project? Have an extra $10,000 for a satellite launch? Look no further than the Twig Femtosatellite!

This satellite, fully assembled, is packed with plenty of amazing features.

Even better, its Arduino-compatible, leveraging the Atmel AVR 1284P, the other brother of the ever popular 328P on the Arduino Uno.

The satellite is only 100mm x 100mm, and a few mm thick. It has solar panels on both sides and a capacitor bank, allowing for any natural spin to occur. An MPPT keeps the (not included) lithium polymer battery charged.

The 1284P controls all aspects of the mini space-fairing vehicle. Temperature sensors adorn the main board and underneath the battery, an environmental pressure sensor provides temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOC. A footprint for an RFM9x/g-NiceRF module allows for 160mW of LoRa, FSK and OOK transmission with built in TCXO. An on board RTC and EEPROM allows the satellite to perform store-and-forward operations -- receiving in one earth transmission and potentially transmitting at another!


  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 4mm
  • Weight: <10g
  • 8x 123mW monocrystaline solar cells (MPP: 2.23 @ 55mA)
  • Radio: SX1262 LoRa/xFSK/OOK with 160mW @ 420-450MHz
  • Radio contains TCXO, allowing for the most narrow of LoRa modes
  • Antenna wire port with counterpose port
  • Earth to ground transmission estimated with 20-30dB link margin
  • On board MPPT charger for optional lithium ion polymer battery
  • 6000uF @ 0.035 ESR ohm capacitor bank counteracts satellite spin, allows night operation 
  • Solar and battery voltage sensors
  • Dual temperature sensors: ambient and battery (TCN75A)
  • Real Time Clock (DS3231M)
  • On board flash memory (24LC1025)
  • BME280 module for pressure, humidity, and temperature sensing
  • FTDI Arduino programming header
  • ICSP AVR programmer header
  • Port A breakout (PA0-PA4) with power and ground for GPS and other accessories
  • 6 LED status indicator
  • Probably space worthy -- seeking beta testers!


Coming soon!