TRI Band Antenna by Smiley Antenna

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We have a limited supply of these antennas. Once they are gone, they are gone!

The TRI BAND  2 METER / 220 / 440 flexible base loaded telescopic antenna is the standard for field use whether in the countryside or city. Manufactured in the USA! This super efficient VHF / UHF antenna provides a OMNI directional 3 to 9 db gain depending on position and is usable in 4 positions:

 Frequency Configuration Antenna Type
2 Meter (144MHz) Fully Extended 1/4 Wave 
1.25 Centimeter (220MHz) 4 Sections Down from Top 1/4 Wave
70 Centimeter (440MHz) All Sections Down 1/4 Wave
70 Centimeter (440MHz) 2 Sections Down 5/8 Wave


This antenna has exceptional performance from our testing, far outperforming the typical "rubber duck" antennas on portable radios. This is especially the case in the 440 band. 

The flexible, tuned coil spring has a matching network that provides low SWR at +/- 5 MHz of the configured band center. For example, an antenna tuned at 440MHz will perform great between 435MHz and 445MHz. 

We connected this antenna up to our test equipment and found it can be tuned across the entire range of the HamShield. This is important if you are receiving weak signals at a specific frequency.

Length: Telescope 4.5" down and 16.5" up.

While it works great for HamShield, this antenna is also compatible with the popular BaoFeng UV-3R radio (but not UV-5R/etc).