SX1280 500mW 2.4GHz LoRa radio module with Distance Ranging (LORA1280F27)

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Note, this is the module only. We will be releasing a breakout board soon!

This G-NiceRF LORA1280F27 module comes with a serious amount of power at 2.4GHz: 500mW!

What is the Semtech SX1280? It’s a 2.4GHz version of the extremely popular SX127x LoRa line. We carry G-NiceRF variant that can transmit at an insane 500mW -- more than most WiFi devices!

The G-NiceRF module comes completely shielded.

The SX1280 has faster LoRa modes and a new modulation technique called FLRC, which stands for Fast Long Range Communication, which is a spread spectrum mode with FEC (forward error correction). It also supports traditional modes such as GFSK and FSK. A "BLE compatible" PHY is also supported, but you would have to write your own BLE stack.

Most interestingly, it also can determine the distance between two transmitters with a reasonable amount of accuracy! Stuart Robinson has a great write up on his range testing, which was accurate to about 100m or so. He also had an impressive 89km of range while operating on a balloon.

In addition to an SPI mode, it also can support serial UART, making the development process a little higher for high speed data applications.


  • SX1280 with TCXO and RF shield
  • 500mW power amplifier
  • Frequency range: 2400-2500MHz
  • LoRa receive sensitivity down to -132 (SF12, BW 203 kHz)
  • Lora Bit rates from 476 bps (SF12, BW 203kHz) to 202kbps (SF5, BW 1625 kHz)
  • LoRa ranging engine using time-of-flight (~100 meters accuracy)
  • FLRC bitrates from 260kbps to 1300kbps
  • FLRC sensitivity down to -106 dBm (130kbps effective with CR1/2)
  • FLRC high speed sensitivity down to -97 dBm (1.3Mbps, CR 1/2)
  • FSK sensitivity down to -102 dBm @ 250kbps

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SX1280 Library with LoRa, FLRC and Ranging

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