Peristaltic Pump - Move Food Safely Through A Pump (12V / 5W)

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Looking to move liquids safely through a pump for your robotic bartender, Arduino-controlled soda mixing machine, aquarium or other liquid-based projects? You need a peristaltic pump!

Peristaltic pumps are unique in the fact that they are able to pump liquids without making actual contact with them. It does this by squeezing the tubing using a clover patterned roller, pushing fluids through the silicone tube.

It is also self-priming.

Note that the included tubing + barb connectors (installed for testing) is not sterilized, officially food safe and FDA certified. It might also be a little dusty, so be sure to clean the tubing before use.

We suggest replacing this tubing with food safe silicone tubing before installing it into any project that makes contact with food. This can be done by simply popping off the back cover and installing the new tubing.

This McMaster Carr tubing will fit this pump. You can also use these couplings.


  • Flow Rate: 19-100 mL/minute
  • Tube Size: 3mm ID, 5mm OD
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Current Draw: 400mA
  • Motor can be driving forwards, backwards, and with PWM signals with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi using our L298N controller board