NiceRF SX1262 LoRa 433MHz @ 160mW TCXO

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The SX1262 is the newest version of the very popular LoRa Semtech radio IC. It features an integrated TCXO, making the most narrow band LoRa modes possible.

The radio also features a 22dBm power amplifier, offering an impressive 160mW of output. Additionally, the integrated shielding isolates the radio circuitry from noise sources.

The module is also footprint compatible with the HopeRF RFM69HCW and RFM9x, making our existing breakouts fully compatible. 

This module is especially important when communicating with the FossaSat-1.


  • Semtech SX1262 
  • 160mW (22dBm) power output
  • LoRa, FSK, GFSK, MSK, and GMSK modulation
  • Integrated TCXO, allowing the most narrow band LoRa modes
  • LoRa sensitivity down to -148 dBm
  • Reduced receive current down to 4.6 mA
  • Designed to operate in the 420-450MHz amateur radio band
  • HopeRF compact-compatible footprint
  • Integrated shield enhances radio performance


Hookup Guide

SX1262 Datasheet

SX1262 Library (RadioLib)