HamShield 1.0

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Turn your Arduino into a powerful radio transceiver!

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HamShield lets your Arduino talk to far away people and things using powerful amateur radio bands! Best of all, the hardware and software is open source! Launched on Kickstarter and available today! Voice and packet radio data are supported in our library.

This is the HamShield only. No power connector or antenna is provided. This uses a standard SMA antenna, which some of our users may already have. Since this is an amateur radio kit, soldering of the SMA antenna and headers are required (but we promise it's easy!). 

We sell a couple of great antennas, where some of the proceeds go to a good cause: Amateur radio education.


New version 1.0 has improved, simplified amplifier as well as various bug fixes!

New version 1.0 is compatible with HamShield 0.9 

Form Factor: Arduino-compatible stackable shield

Arduino Pins: I2C; GPIO, PWM and ADC

Frequency RX/TX: 134-174MHz, 200-260MHz, 400-520MHz

Amateur Radio Bands: 2 Meter, 1.25 Meter, 70 Centimeter

Transmitter Modes: FM, AFSK packet radio

Power Output: 0.5W

Radio SoC: Auctus AT1846S (Most recent model of the RDA1846)

Channel Bandwidth: Selectable between 12.5KHz and 25KHz

Subaudio Modes: CTCSS, CDCSS (transmit/receive independent)

Advanced Features: Volume, Squelch, VOX, DTMF encode, DTMF decode, tail noise elimination, tone generator, tone detector, RSSI

Software Features: KISS TNC emulation, morse code encoder and decoder, APRS, and more 

Pre-Emphasis: Can be disabled to assist with digital modes

Antenna Connector: SMA, 50 Ohm (optional tri-band antenna)

Audio Connection: Hardware selectable between TRRS (mobile phone style headset) and Arduino PWM/ADC inputs and outputs, PWM/ADC smoothing filters built in

Input Voltage Range: 5-20VDC, 4xAA, 7.4 volt lithium battery pack, power adapter capable (requires external power supply as Arduino's USB does not supply enough power for shield) - power supply not included on basic HamShield package

Skills Required

This kit requires soldering of header and SMA components. You will also need an amateur radio license. You will need Arduino or other system development skills in order to operate this radio. There are many example sketches from our library that we have provided.


Building a Handytalkie - First Project with HamShield Hardware and Library

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