Green Clock LED Display (TM1637)

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Build your own Arduino-powered clock! Or combined with our u-blox GPS module for a very accurate clock.

This green 7 segment LED display is easily controlled by an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

All that is needed is two digital pins (for clock and data), power and ground. 

Each segment is independently controllable, including 4 decimal points and a colon. Brightness control is also available.

Modules can also be daisy-chained to other modules, as there is also an output on the other side.


  • TM1637 controller IC
  • 4 digit green LED 7 segment display with colon and 4 decimal points
  • Just needs clock, data, power and ground
  • Several TM1637 libraries available on Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • 5V required for display, but works with 3.3V logic