Chanzon 10W RGB LED

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This super bright RGB LED features a common anode (positive) and Red, Green and Blue cathodes. It is best used with a constant current driver and PWM signals to control the brightness of each color. Using proper controlling hardware, you can create millions of colors.

If you are looking for a good breakout, check this link out. We offer a board that provides three constant current drivers that you can control with any PWM device -- including Arduino!

Also make sure you put a good heat sink on this one! Its gets super hot without one!


  • 12V anode
  • 300-350 mA per color (R, G and B)
  • 900-1050 mA total current (10 Watts) 
  • Voltages
    • Red: 6-7 Volts
    • Green: 9-11 Volts
    • Blue: 9-11 Volts
  • Wavelengths
    • Red: 620-625 nm
    • Green: 520-525 nm
    • Blue: 460-470 nm
  • Heatsink required!