Ardu32 Arduino Game Console Kit for TVOut

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Introducing our latest Arduino kit: The Ardu32 Game Console Kit!

This kit is powered by the Atmel ATmega328P (the same used in the Uno) and is fully compatible with the Arduino TVOut library. It also features 2 Atari-compatible joystick inputs, allowing you to use retro joysticks -- even analog paddles. It features the Arduino serial bootloader for easy uploading of new games. It also contains the resistor divider network that makes TVOut possible: a composite video output library for Arduino with basic audio support.

However, we didn't stop there! We also have support for Ardu32 cartridges. When using the Ardu32 default software, it will detect when a cartridge is connected. When a cart is connected, it will disable its TVOut input and allow the cart to drive TVOut along with audio. The on board ATmega328P will still function, passing on joystick information via serial to the cartridge at 57600 bps. With this, you will have a full fledged 8-Bit entertainment system!

We expect blank programmable cartridges and pre-programmed game cartridges available in the next few months. For now, you will need to load on games using the on board FTDI port.

Why is it called the Ardu32? Well, its an Arduino and you get 32kB of flash memory for your game.

What You Get

  • Ardu32 PCB 
  • All required through hole components
  • Easy-to-solder kit, great for learning to solder
  • Comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Trendy packaging
  • Joystick pictured not included

What You Will Need

  • DC power supply (our HamShield one works nicely)
  • FTDI Tool (our FTDI adapter works great with the Arduino IDE)
  • TV with composite input (most modern flatscreens have this)
  • Joystick (...or two if you have a friend)
  • Composite video and audio cables

Tools Required

  • Soldering iron with solder and flux
  • Wire cutters to clip down through hole components


  • ATmega328P with Optiboot bootloader programmed at 16MHz
  • 32kB of flash, 2kB of RAM, 1kB EEPROM
  • Arduino pre-loaded with bootstrapping software (no cart screen, built in apps, joystick handler, etc)
  • TVOut diode-resistor network with composite video output
  • TVOut provides low resolution, black and white graphics, so you can bask in its retro glory
  • Glitchy, retro audio output
  • 2.5mm DC input that accepts 7V-25V with positive barrel tip
  • Power switch
  • Reset line broken out to header for optional reset button (not supplied)
  • DB37 cart with video override, serial port, LED control and aux ports
  • The DB37 video override allows you to stuff any magic into a cartridge of your own design
  • 2x DB9 Atari compatible connectors for digital buttons, joystick and voltage divider for analog accessories
  • ICSP programming header / SPI accessory port
  • FTDI pin compatible serial programmer (FTDI not supplied)
  • Open Source Hardware

Skill Level

This kit requires soldering of all components. You will be provided with a PCB and all components required. All components are through hole type and are easily solderable. The microprocessor is pre-programmed with a serial bootloader and basic games / menu. You will need basic programming and Arduino skills to write your own games.


Assembly Instructions 

Schematic, Gerbers

Cartridge pinouts, schematics and gerbers

Bootstrapping software

Demo Video