8 Watt UHF Amplifier

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Looking to boost HamShield, HamShield Mini or HamShield: LoRa Edition output power? Check out this 8 watt power amplifier.

Note that while it does output an impressive amount of power, there is no receive path. This means you need to either use another HamShield with either a diplexer or another antenna to be able to receive signals. 


Maximum output power: 8.32 watts (39.2dBm)

Frequency range: 400-460MHz

Voltage: 5V-8.4V (voltage dictates power output)

Input Power Range: 20-23 dBm max, lower power levels will yield reduced power output

Weight: 60g

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be very careful not to use the max output power on HamShield 1.0 or HamShield: LoRa Edition, as it will overload the input. It will likely overdrive the amplifier and cause distortion or damage the amplifier. There is also no reason to put in over 23 dBm, as it did not change the final output power.

Voltage, Power output and Current Consumption Matrix

 Voltage Power Output  Current Consumption Idle Power
6V 5.12W (37.1dBm) 1.26A 150mA
7V 6.76W (38.3dBm) 1.43A 180mA
8V 8.32W (39.2dBm) 1.56A 200mA


During our tests, the average power output from our LoRa signal was within half a dB of the rated output. Given the amount of couplings and the accuracy of the attenuator, thats pretty much spot on! On a light duty cycle, the amplifier was around 35C. We suspect most of this heat is generated by the amplifier's idle power.