2.4GHz Serial Module

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These adorable little modules pack a powerful punch when it comes to connectivity and easy of use. 

Each module communicates via TTL serial to your Arduino our Raspberry Pi. Any module programmed to the same frequency channel can communicate among one another. You can even create a low powered network or mesh between them.

Once configured, they work just like a transparent serial device.

The on board regulator allows them to be used with both 3.3V and 5V systems, allowing it to work with any Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Configuration of the module makes use of a simple binary protocol using our Raspberry Pi and Arduino libraries. These will be posted once the product is released. Meanwhile, sign up for email notifications.

 Skill Level

This kit requires soldering of header or wires. You will need Arduino or other system development skills in order to operate this radio. There are many example sketches and libraries on the internet.