12VDC 3A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi (USB Micro)

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Looking to connect your Raspberry Pi to your vehicle or perhaps you want a Raspberry Pi on your roof to operate your HamShield? Our 12VDC 3A power supply can help you with that!

We currently use this for roof top power to operate our LoRa-based LARPS network. Simply run 12V to the roof using ordinary, 18 AWG wire. 

With 3 amps at 5VDC, you will be able to run the most hungry of Raspberry Pi applications -- with plenty of power to spare.


    • Input Range: 8V-20V
    • Recommended Input Range: 10-14V
    • Output Voltage: 5V
    • Output Current (Max): 3 amps
    • Operating temperature: -40C to 80C
    • Efficiency: >95%
    • Size: 46x27x14mm
    • Potted, waterproof (although protect your connections!)
    • Angle USB connector

Hookup Guide

Provide a 12V power supply into the red and black wires. Red is positive, Black is negative. Then, connect the USB connection to your Raspberry Pi's USB power input. Thats it!