About Us

In the Beginning

InductiveTwig, Also known as Enhanced Radio Devices, was formed in the fall of 2014, in anticipation of a Kickstarter campaign. Morgan Redfield, Casey Halverson and Nigel Vander Houwen were experimenting with the chip that makes a lot of low cost handheld amateur radios possible. Frustrated with the lack of amateur radio options available to makers, They started work on the HamShield -- a tri-band amateur radio transceiver for the Arduino.

The campaign was launched on Kickstarter at the tail end of Field Day 2015 in June, and it was an overnight success. Our goal of $25,000 was completely blown away, reaching $117,194. 

Several months later, after redesigning HamShield to boost its power (per our stretch goal), we delivered over 1,000 HamShields to 778 backers. 

We had some HamShields left over from the Kickstarter, which we placed in our store. One thing lead to another, and we have since substantially increased our product offerings.

We now offer products for both digital and analog transmission, from 144MHz to 900MHz. We thank our Kickstarter backers for helping us create our new company!


In 2019, looking to give a name of our ever expanding product line, we rebranded the company to InductiveTwig. We will be undergoing a rebranding effort on our website during the fall of 2019.

Why InductiveTwig?

In the 1830's, Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday experimented with wrapping wire around sticks, wooden dowels, and paper cylinders -- creating the first inductors. This innovation lead to the eventual creation of radio technology. Without this key development, our modern day technology would not be possible.

Standing on the backs of giants, we bring our customers the latest in wireless technologies. We have also expanded into many other fields, including LED, retro gaming, Arduino, and more. 

Have a great idea? Let us know! We would love to develop it.