4 Module LED Matrix Display (MAX7219)

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Check out this really cool LED matrix display!

Our display features 4 8x8 pixel modules on a PCB. You can even chain together multiple displays to make a long LED reader that can be powered by an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Project Ideas

You could do things like:

  1. Make an internet connected reader board
  2. Scroll the latest news via serial port from our python script/sketch
  3. Scroll tweets based on hash tags or mentions
  4. Retro name tag
  5. Decode amateur radio packets and print them on a display 

Hook Up Guide

There are some great libraries available, such as our favorite, the LEDMatrixDriver.  We got our first module going in under 30 seconds using simple header jumper cables, an Arduino Uno and a display.

To hook up to an Arduino Uno, just use the following pins. Be sure to connect up to the "IN" port, labeled on the back. 

 Arduino Uno Pin LED Module Pin
9 (GPIO) CS (Chip Select)
11 (MOSI) DIN (Data In)
13 (SCK) CLK (Clock)
5V (Power)



  • Four 8x8 modules connected together (total of 256 pixels)
  • Expandable on either side to additional modules
  • Easy to read diffused red LED
  • Mounting holes on back
  • 8x8 modules are separately removable for maintenance or for use individually (note that the controller chip is on the PCB)


LEDMatrixDriver Library (Also available in Arduino library manager if you search for "LEDMatrixDriver" for the MAX7219)

Raspberry Pi Python Library 

Custom Character Designer  

Our ScrollySign and ScrollyNews Sketches and Python Scripts