Breakout for 144MHz, 440MHz and 915MHz HopeRF LoRa Modules (RFM96 and RFM98)

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The HopeRF modules are a bit difficult to solder up by hand, so we created this handy breakout. In addition, it features two decoupling capacitors, and an SMA jack for easy connection to an antenna or amplifier.

We offer breakouts for our 144MHz, 440MHz and 915MHz HopeRF LoRa modules. You can also use the 915MHz for the European 868MHz network if you wish. 

The breakout is breadboard compatible and is compatible with most popular LoRa libraries, such as RadioHead.


  • HopeRF RFM96 and RFM98 module (depending on band)
  • LoRa spread spectrum modulation using Semtech SX1276 and SX1278 chipsets
  • LoRa Sensitivity: -148 dBm
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, and OOK also supported
  • Maximum data rate: 300kbps
  • Frequency ranges:
    • 144MHz Version: 137MHz-175MHz
    • 440MHz Version: 410MHz-525MHz
    • 915MHz Version: 862MHz-1024MHz
  • Power Output: 100mW (configurable)
  • Two decoupling capacitors (100nF and 10uF)
  • Level shifter compatible with both 3.3V systems
  • SMA RF connector
  • Approximately 25x25 mm

Skill Level

This kit requires soldering of optional through hole header and Arduino programming skills to be able to fully utilize the radio. There are plenty of examples available on the internet as well as many Arduino sketches and examples already written.