Super-Elastic Signal Stick Antenna

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Introducing the super elastic, super flexible signal stick antenna -- From SignalStuff.

They are made of Nitinol, which nearly indestructible and non-kinking. Nitinol is the same material used in muscle wire, as it retains its original shape no matter what happens. They are so flexible, we ship them in rolled up.

These antennas feature a male SMA connector, making it the perfect addition to your HamShield. More importantly, a portion of each sale goes to support, a free website to help you study for your ham license.

Each Super-Elastic Signal Stick comes backed with a lifetime warranty, with free return labels for those shipping within the United States. 

We have three variants: 220 MHz 1/4 wave and 144/440 dual band with both SMA Male and SMA Female antenna connector types. While you will need an SMA Male for all HamShields, the SMA Female version works great for handheld radios, such as Baofeng, B-Tech, and other import radios.

Note: You might want to add a right angle SMA connector to your order if you want to set the Arduino on a table and have the antenna facing up.


  • Glow in the dark protective tip
  • 220MHz Mono band variant: 1/4 wave 
  • Dual band variant: 1/4 wave on 2m (144-148Mhz) and 3/4 wave on 70cm (440-448Mhz)
    • SWR has been measured as low as:
      • 1.3:1 @ 146Mhz
      • 1.5:1 @ 440Mhz
      • This SWR chart was taken using a balun to isolate the antenna and a ~18″ tiger tail to stabilize the SWR. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s fairly accurate as far as it goes.
  • Custom designed 3d printed tip and connector cover providing unprecedented strength
  • Approximately 18.25″ long (12" for 220MHz)
  • Made of Nitinol, a very resilient and ridiculously flexible nickel-titanium alloy. This memory metal always returns to its original shape.
  • Extremely light-weight — reduces connector strain on your radio!
  • Hand-made by hams in Utah
  • Lifetime guarantee!
  • Nearly indestructible