900MHz Radio Explorer Hat

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Both 868MHz and 915MHz Radio Explorer Hats are in stock.

Note: For best performance, we now ship Radio Explorer Hat with the perfect antenna for your operating frequency. Be sure to select the right one! Select 868MHz for 868-869MHz, and 915MHz for 902-928MHz!

Introducing the 900MHz Radio Explorer Hat! Now you can use buttons and a screen to explore the 900MHz radio band with your Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi 3.


•   General purpose ISM band transceiver based on Texas Instruments CC1110

•   915MHz US ISM and 868MHz EU License Exempt

•   Comes with either 868MHz or 915MHz antenna

•   On board LiPo battery charger

•   Boost converter for powering Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi 3 at 5 Volts

•   Battery power switch and PTC self-resetting fuse

•   Battery fuel gauge (I2C)

•   128x64 OLED display screen included (I2C)

•   Two general purpose buttons (GPIO)

•   Versatile wireless development board for prototyping

•   Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3

•   Raspberry Pi Zero W / Raspberry Pi 3 library and example software

•   RFCat support: Use command line or python to transmit and receive radio packets

•   Open hardware design


Technical Specifications

•   Texas Instruments CC1110 with programmable 8051 core

•   Dimensions: 68 x 16 mm

•   Guaranteed frequency range: 868-869MHz (EU SRD), 902-928MHz (Region 2 ISM, Amateur Radio)

•   PLL transceiver range: 782-928MHz

•   Up to 10dBm output power (10mW)

•   Up to 500kbps data rate

•   Receive sensitivity as low as -110dBm

•   2-FSK, GFSK, MSK, ASK, and OOK


In the box

•  Radio Explorer Hat

•  Antenna (868 or 915MHz -- your choice)

•  Coupling kit (screws and spacers)

•  Manual