128x64 0.96" OLED

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This is the common, universal 0.96" OLED screen. While nearly ubiquitous, we have had a hard time sourcing good quality screens for our Explorer Hat product. And maybe you have had suspect screens too. Learn from our mistakes and get the high quality screen you want!

Some screens from auction websites and online mega merchants are not up to par. Some are really 128x32 (yuck), a lot come damaged in bubble mailers, have weird I2C addresses, yellow pixels at top, or are completely non-functional.

We only sell tested OLED screens that are guaranteed to work. These screens are great for repairing a damaged screen on your Explorer Hat or starting a new project.

Comes packed in a padded 2" x 2" box.


  • Bright, power saving blue-white OLED
  • Presoldered headers
  • 128x64 resolution
  • 0.96" inches
  • GND, VCC pin layout
  • I2C interface (Address 0x3C)
  • Easy to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi libraries
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Properly packaged