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We are excited to announce HamShield 1.0! HamShield 1.0 features a variety of tweaks and optimizations from HamShield 0.9 lessons learned. HamShield 0.9 is what we shipped to our Kickstarter backers as well as sold for the past year or so. Both HamShields are based on the Auctus 1846S, which is a newer variant of the RDA 1846. The great news for HamShield 0.9 users is that nothing has changed in HamShield 1.0 in terms of software. The same library and everything else will work as expected. We have made tweaks to the audio amplifier, RF power amplifier section, and...

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The 900MHz Explorer Block has been a huge success. We have been amazed by the things people have done with it and demand keeps increasing. Because of this, Enhanced Radio Devices will continue to keep the 900MHz Explorer Block in stock for the foreseeable future. We are trying to match demand with production runs, so if you see Explorer Block go on back order, it means we are still waiting on a production run. Getting the 900MHz Explorer Block going can be a bit complicated for some, so we have decided to start stocking a version of the Intel Edison with...

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