TRRS Crossover is Back!

TRRS Crossover is Back!

Back by popular demand: The TRRS Crossover Kit

This kit is very basic, but very powerful. It makes your HamShield appear as a smart phone or laptop headset and sets all the right levels for you! Simply plug the cable into the TRRS Crossover board and go.

This means you can:

  • Connect your computer speaker to the HamShield microphone, HamShield speaker to the laptop microphone
  • Make your own HamShield autopatch with any mobile phone
  • Use your computer as a packet radio TNC
  • Send and receive SSTV messages on your computer

The adapter easily plugs into HamShield's audio interface like so:

This simple kit contains 5 components easy to solder throughhole components, the TRRS audio jack, and standard headers. It also includes a TRRS cable.

While the TRRS Crossover was intended for HamShield, it could be used for almost anything...including connecting two phones together or your phone to your computer.

This video provides assembly instructions, although we are working on a printed guide:

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