New Series of Guides for HamShield and More

New Series of Guides for HamShield and More

As our company grows, we have been working hard to not only bring you great hardware, but also produce a series of guides to help you get started with each one of our products. Recently, we recruited a great technical writer to help with this.

Our first posted guide is called: Building HandyTalkie: First Project with HamShield Hardware and Library


Guides can be found under our "Documentation" section, and will be posted under each product section going forward. For HamShield, we will help you get the libraries installed, write your first project, with future guides to help you get on packet radio or help supplement the ARPS network with an easy-to-install iGate. Also in the works are guides for the Wideband Power Meter, Explorer Hat, HamShield Mini and our new HamShield: LoRa Edition board. 

As our product portfolio grows in 2019, you can expect more high quality guides going forward. 

Thank you for your support and if you can think of any guide ideas, post it in the comments or shoot us an email at We would love to hear from you.


Casey / KC7IBT

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