New Products for June 18 2019

New Products for June 18 2019

We have quite a few new products to announce this week.

8 Watt Power Amplifier (440MHz)

Looking to add a bit of umph to your HamShield, HamShield Mini or HamShield: LoRa Edition? Check out our new 8 Watt amplifier.

Set your RF output to 20-23 dBm, and with the proper voltage input into the amplifier, your signal will be boosted up to 8 watts! Although not intended for transceiving operations, this amplifier is great for repeater projects and beacons.

Get your 8 Watt Power Amplifier here.

VHF/UHF Splitter/Combiner 

Want to transmit on VHF and receive on UHF using one antenna? You can, with our splitter/cominer. This splitter can provide up to 40dB of isolation between transmitter and receiver, making it safe to use with our entire product line. 

Build your own drone based HamShield repeater with the VHF/UHF Splitter/Combiner.

Soldering Kit

With so many things that need to be soldered, we decided to stock a soldering kit. Each kit comes with temperature controlled iron (just set the dial to your desired temperature), solder, and flux pen. 

At a great price, you can't go wrong with our Soldering Iron.

2.4GHz Transparent Serial Module

Looking for an easy to use 2.4GHz serial module, but also want to use multiple serial modules? Our 2.4GHz serial module might be perfect for you.

It transmits and receives using a simple serial interface. You can also configure frequency and other parameters using binary serial commands. They are also very inexpensive -- perfect for your backyard mesh network projects.

You can find our 2.4GHz Serial Modules here.


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