HamShield Mini Now Shipping!

HamShield Mini Now Shipping!

HamShield Mini is a cost effective, power friendly amateur radio device, based on the original HamShield design. You can almost get two mini's for the price of one original HamShield!

We have taken the Auctus AT1846S, made it 3.3V friendly, and lightened the current requirements of the amplifier. While the RF output is a little lower (about 200mW), you still get tri-band coverage in 144MHz, 220MHz and 440MHz amateur radio bands, and our RF filters exceed regulatory requirements. It also still has the same wideband transceiving capability, making it useful for non-amateur radio applications and prototyping.

The other great thing about the HamShield Mini is that it is a third of the size!

We designed HamShield Mini for the following use cases:

  • High altitude balloons
  • Several Cubesat projects underway
  • Quadcopter and fixed wing drone repeater applications
  • APRS iGates
  • Handheld applications
  • Commercial integration
  • Other unique applications

HamShield Mini can use the same library as our original HamShield, so no software changes need to be made. 

HamShield Mini is shipping today! Pick up one now!


Casey Halverson, KC7IBT

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