HamShield 1.0

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HamShield 1.0

We are excited to announce HamShield 1.0!

HamShield 1.0 features a variety of tweaks and optimizations from HamShield 0.9 lessons learned. HamShield 0.9 is what we shipped to our Kickstarter backers as well as sold for the past year or so. Both HamShields are based on the Auctus 1846S, which is a newer variant of the RDA 1846.

The great news for HamShield 0.9 users is that nothing has changed in HamShield 1.0 in terms of software. The same library and everything else will work as expected.

We have made tweaks to the audio amplifier, RF power amplifier section, and PWM circuitry -- all of which will make HamShield more reliable and offer higher quality data transmissions.

We also have a few surprise projects with HamShield that will be announcing the coming weeks -- a few things of which a lot of folks have been asking for!

We have great working prototypes, and the remaining HamShield 1.0's in production should be arriving in early December. For now, we are accepting pre-orders so you can be one of the first to get HamShield!


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  • Alex Yap

    With hamshield and arduino the outcome must be great.. is it possible if we can integrate a GPS module for arduino? our goal is to make hamshield send out a GPS geotag (long/lat) in every periodic time.

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