2019 in Review, Whats new for 2020?

2019 in Review, Whats new for 2020?

2019 was an exciting year for all of us, and I want to thank each and every one of you for help making this happen. As a tiny business with a focus on amateur radio, unlicensed radio prototyping, and other unique breakouts, every order helps us put money back into Inductive Twig to develop new and great things. 

We are always on the lookout for developing new products in areas that are ignored by other companies, especially when it comes to amateur radio. There is a continued influx of off the shelf radio transceiver ICs and modules -- which are often able to tune into amateur radio bands. Adapting these to easily usable breakouts for makers is key to putting new life into the amateur radio bands.

Over the last year, we developed 10 new products in house, along with adding over 50 new resale products to our catalog. We plan on developing even more.

We also launched picoFreight, the $2 domestic shipping service for all of our items under $49. This allows us to ship you any small item in our store, without having to worry about expensive shipping fees. Anything above $49 is free -- even internationally -- which is unheard of in the current maker scene.

For 2020, you can expect some great things. I will try to keep the element of surprise on some of these.

We will be expanding our LoRa radio line, adding two new amateur radio bands in addition to our 144MHz, 440MHz and 915MHz band offerings. One of which can measure the distance between two amateur radio transmitters!

We have been quietly developing our own line of radio friendly Arduino-compatible boards, which we call the Hertzduino. The first version of this will be available in the coming month, and will fit our HamShield Mini. A few more higher featured versions will be released in the spring that will offer a ton of radio functionality.

As educational purchasing of HamShield products is on the rise, we now have two educational classroom kits planned for release in the spring, including an Arduino-based femosatellite kit. Aptly named: My First Satellite.

I hope that everyone has a great, amazing and safe New Year celebration. We are all looking forward to what amazing technology 2020 brings!

- Inductive Twig Team 

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