1 Watt LoRa at 440MHz Now Shipping!

1 Watt LoRa at 440MHz Now Shipping!

We are excited to announce that our new 1 Watt 440MHz LoRa shield is finally here! Works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Now you can use a variety of digital modes, including one of the hottest new spread spectrum modes: LoRa. LoRa stands for Long Range and has some impressive weak signal performance. We have been able to successfully receive signals from -120 dBm to -130 dBm at an impressive 3000 bits per second over the 70cm band. This allows for some pretty ridiculous operating conditions, such as multi-mile non-line of sight paths with rubber duck antennas through forests. Of course, with a set of properly placed high gain antennas, vast distances can be had.

Traditional modes such as FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, OOK, with data rates from 1.2kbps to 300kbps are also supported, making communication using traditional data systems easy, including satellite.

You can also use the LoRa shield in high altitude balloon telemetry, drone based digipeters, and cubesat data links. 

I will be doing some experimentation with the LoRa shield to really push the limit of what is possible, including some troposcatter and meteor scatter tests. 

What also makes this shield unique is the fact that we have a filter in place to make this compliant with all amateur radio regulations, along with all the level shifting and power regulation required for both Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

We are now selling two different packs:

A single shield

A dual pack at a discounted price

While our first version supports the 440MHz band, we will be adding both 144MHz and 900MHz bands soon. Be sure to check out HamShield: LoRa Edition for yourself. 


KC7IBT, Casey

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